Dec 132014

Today, a bug was filed reporting that nginx-full and nginx-common were different versions.  Naturally I went hunting, and found this not to be the case.  (The bug is here)

It looks like unless you enable Universe, you won’t be able to see the updated versions for nginx-common and nginx-full, and there will be version mismatch errors. You’ll see the older version(s) in Main, though, because Main ships with nginx-core and nginx-common specifically, and not the other flavors

So, here’s a little tidbit for NGINX users on Ubuntu: Make sure you have the following repositories enabled if you want to use a specific flavor of nginx:

  • nginx-core: Main
  • nginx-full: Universe
  • nginx-light: Universe
  • nginx-extras: Universe
  • nginx-naxsi (Obsolete, removed with Ubuntu 15.04): Universe

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